By the Threshold

While traveling I had to have two tires patched. It’s a small inconvenience, but it allows for some interaction that I wouldn’t normally get. In the midwest, everything opens early – by 7am. This is especially true for anything that involves fixing cars or farm equipment.

The shop in Lakin, Kansas was able to patch the tire almost immediately. While I waited, I struck up a conversation with a local farmer and a couple of the mechanics.

The farmer asked the mechanics, “Did you see the moon last night?” They all nodded, they had.

The moon at that time was a waxing crescent with Venus close at hand. I had noticed it the night before.

He continued: “It was just a thin sliver of a thing.” He gently cupped his hand. “And it was just cradling Venus… did you see it?”

While they all nodded, I marveled at this small act of poetry coming from the Kansas farmer.

On the same night as this crescent moon there was a terrible lightning storm. Some places even saw hail. But nobody mentioned this. The thunder and rain, the flooding weren’t what mattered to this farmer (even though he needed the rain for his crops).

It was something as ordinary and simple as the moon cradling Venus that he not only remembered, but that he revered strongly enough to bring it up to his friends the next morning.

‘By the Threshold’

Camera: Bolsey Jubilee (c1955)
Film: Seattle Film Works 400 (x-08/2001); 200iso
Process: DIY ECN-2

Lakin, Kansas

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